Kudubi Holi


Kudubi Holi - Udupi


The Kudubi is a tribal community can find around Dakshina Kannada district. They are originally from Goa and came here because of the cruel ruling of Portuguese then. Even after shifting their base to Karnataka from Goa, they have continued to celebrate their traditional festival, 'Holi' by preserving their unique customs. This community has widely been spread over mulki, Gangolli, Mangalore, Puttige, Sooraalu, kokkarne. During Holi, all the 65 Kudubi families including the children celebrates the festival in a ancient traditional way.

Before the Holi festival, the Kudubis starts to makes preparations by collecting materials required for the festival like the feathers found on the tails of 'Hatti Mudda', a bird normally found in the forests during the Holi season, pelts of 'Harga' for covering the 'Gumtas,' a kind of percussion instruments played with hands, unique way of dresses are designed. They are made up of shirts with pleats, coats, shawls with linings, anklets and other things. On the 'Ekadashi' day, they all join together in their Gurkar's house. They pray to the Lord by wearing traditional dress and perform their traditional folk dance. They visit the houses of families belonging to their community and perform group dances. Sometimes, people of other communities take religious vows to arrange for the 'Holi Kunita' performances of Kudubis in their homes. In such cases, these families invite the Kudubis to perform in their homes.

A day prior to the 'Holi Hunnime (full moon day)', they come together in the premises of the local Sooral palace and perform the Holi dance. They then visit Sooral Mahalingeshwar temple and perform the Holi Kunita. On the Holi Hunnime day, they go to the house of their Gurkar, take bath and worship the God and end their celebrations.

During the Holi festival period, the Kudubis stick to the unique customs traditionally handed over to them since generations. During these five days, they do not take bath and take only vegetarian food. After the Holi festival, the families go for hunting and hunt the animals. All the Kudubi families follow this practice even now. They gather, after hunting where they are distributed among all the families. They have food after offering it to the God first.